Good Reasons to Consider Upgrading an Older Ford Truck to an Electric Fuel System

Mechanical fuel pumps are found in many older vehicles, but the vast majority of modern ones feature electric pumps, instead. Replacing the mechanical fuel pump and supporting parts in an older truck with electric alternatives will enable a number of benefits.

This is particularly true of trucks with diesel engines, where a mechanical fuel pump's downsides will generally be most pronounced. Companies like driven diesel make it easy to upgrade an entire mechanical fuel system to a more modern electric version.

Many Reasons to Consider Upgrading to an Electric Fuel System

Mechanical fuel pumps are driven by the engines they are attached to, and that makes for some significant limitations. Electric fuel pumps, by contrast, can draw the current they need from a battery or directly from an alternator.

That ends up being advantageous for a number of reasons that are especially relevant to many diesel-powered vehicles. Some of the most significant of these relate to issues like:

Lubrication. Diesel fuel is heavier than gasoline, and it contains more hydrocarbons that are useful for lubricating metallic surfaces. Fuel pumps of both kinds depend on the presence of diesel fuel to keep their parts moving smoothly and freely. When mechanical fuel pumps first start turning, they do so with an excess of friction that causes wear over time. Electric fuel pumps gain access to the lubricating diesel they need more quickly, keeping them in better shape.

Pressure. Most diesel engines are designed to run best when fuel is injected under significant pressure. Mechanical fuel pumps can only produce as much pressure as the current operating speed of the attached engine allows. Electric fuel pumps can be configure to generate a lot more pressure at any speed, allowing for improved performance and efficiency.

An Easy Way to Upgrade

Some of the most popular older Ford trucks on the road today are held back by mechanical fuel systems. These "Old Body Style," or OBS, Ford pickups can be quite reliable and satisfactory in other respects, however.

The Driven Diesel COMPLETE OBS Electric Fuel System kit makes it simple to upgrade such a truck to a more modern electric fuel pump and supporting components. That will produce benefits that just about every Ford truck owner will appreciate.